Imitation-basketry stone dish

By Jacqueline Engel

Fine stone vessels, carved to look like baskets made of reed or other plants, are typical of the Early Dynastic period.
Perishable objects were accurately copied in hard stone, producing vessels designed to be used for eternity in the afterlife.
Stone vessels are among the most common finds from Predynastic and Early Dynastic elite tombs (about 4000-2649 BC).

Showing no sign of daily use, they were made as burial goods to contain food or drink for the deceased to consume in the afterlife.
They were often given as special gifts to the king’s most valuable administrators, or commissioned by the wealthiest individuals.

2nd Dynasty, about 2750-2649 BC, Saqqara (Step Pyramid) schist, JE 71298

Egyptian Museum Caïro

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