Triads of King Menkaura

By Jacqueline Engel

Triads of King Menkaure, the goddess Hathor and the Theban-nome god/ the Jackal-nome goddess/ the Bat-nome goddess.

King Menkaure built the third pyramid at Giza plateau.

This was smaller than Khufu and Khafre’s pyramids but partly cased with granite, transported all the way from Aswan.

These triad statues come from his valley temple and show the king standing between two female figures.

The goddess Hathor, on his right, is crowned with the sun disc between the two cow’s horns.

Holding hands with Hathor.

To Menkaure’s left are personifications of different nomes (provinces) of Egypt, with their symbols written above the head.

The king, wearing the white crown of Upper Egypt and the shendyt-kilt, wished to enjoy resurrection and fertility from Hathor and endless offerings from the nomes.

The four triads of Menkaure when discovered at Giza in 1908. Photograph by George Andrew Reisner. Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition.
The fourth triad is in Boston.

4th Dynasty (King Menkaure, about 2490-2472 BC, Giza (pyramid complex of Merikaure, valley temple) grywacke.

(Text Egyptian Museum Caïro)

Egyptian Museum Caïro

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