Jewelry of Queen Ahhotep

By Jacqueline Engel

Queen Ahotep is the wife of King Seqennere II, who started the liberation war against the Hyksos, and the mother of both King Komose and King Ahmose, who managed to expel Hyksos from Egypt and establish the 18th dynasty.

A wide collar of Queen Ahhotep of gold, the ends of which are in the shape of a falcon’s.

A chain of gold with a scarab of gold inlaid with lapis lazuli, and it is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry from the beginning of the 18th Dynasty.

Bracelets for the queen include a bracelet of gold inlaid with lapis lazuli, un arm bracelet of gold inlaid with carnelian, lapis lazuli, turquoise and colored glass, bracelets of gold beads and semi-precious stones and a broad gold bracelet.

Minor of gold and bronze and handle of cedar wood inlaid with gold.

A fan handle made of wood covered with gold with scenes of King Seqennere II.

Text and Location Egyptian Museum Caïro

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