Art inspired on the river Nile

By Jacqueline Engel

This frieze is decorated with lotus flowers and roughly triangular tile inlaid with rosettes and a representation of corn chamomile and grapes.

Plaster: Tell el-Yahudia, JE, 21842
Bowl decorated with Lotus Flowers and Goddess Hathor’s Face

These types of bowls which are decorated with lotus flowers were associated with the goddess Hathor. They have a ritual purpose since the lotus symbolized rebirth with each sunrise.
These bowls may contain water, wine, or even milk.

Faience; 18th Dynasty New Kingdom
Ornamented Amarna Tile

This tile is decorated with lotus flowers and representations of the water hieroglyphic sign in the middle.
Both the flowers and the signs are framed with a frieze of geometrical lines.

Faience; Amana Period 18th Dynasty – New Kingdom; JE 5524.

Egyptian Museum Caïro

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