Queen Ahmose-Merytamun

By Jacqueline Engel

The Discovery of the Tomb of Queen Ahmose-Merytamun (TT 358)

Ahmose-Merytaman (Ahmose-Beloved-of-Amun”) was the sister and queen of Amunhotep (about 1525-1504 BC).

Her tomb, cut in the bedrock at Deir el-Bahari on the west bank at Luxor, was discovered by the American archaeologist Herbert Winlock in 1929.

Fifty years after Ahmose-Merytaman’s burial, part of the temple of Hatshepsat was built over the entrance to her tomb. Even so, robbers found it and looted her burial.

In the 21st Dynasty (about 1050 BC), priests restored her coffins and mummy, leaving an offering of flowers at the foot of the coffin when they finished their work. At about the same time, another woman was buried elsewhere in the tomb. Ahmose-Merytaman originally had three coffins. The outermost one was broken up by robbers. The middle is on display here, while the inner coffin, which is about 60% the size, is now in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

Egyptian Museum Caïro

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