Alabaster statue of Amenirdis I

By Jacqueline Engel

Details of alabaster statue of Amenirdis I

The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt.

Amenirdis I (throne name: Hatneferumut) was a God’s Wife of Amun during the 25th Dynasty of ancient Egypt.

She also held the priestly titles of Divine Adoratrice of Amun and God’s Hand. Biography She was a Kushite princess, the daughter of Pharaoh Kashta and Queen Pebatjma.

She is likely to have been the sister of pharaohs Shabaka and Piye.

Kashta arranged to have Amenirdis I adopted by the Divine Adoratrice of Amun, Shepenupet I, at Thebes as her successor.

This shows that Kashta already controlled Upper Egypt prior to the reign of Piye, his successor.

She ruled as high priestess approximately between 714 and 700 BCE, under the reigns of Shabaka and Shabataka, and she adopted Piye’s daughter Shepenupet II as her successor.

Upon her death, she was buried in a tomb in the grounds of Medinet Habu.

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