Mudstone statue of Ramses IV

By Jacqueline Engel

A kneeling figure of Ramses IV wearing the ‘nemes’ head-dress and ‘shendyt’ kilt. On his right shoulder is incised his prenomen, and his nomen is carved on his left shoulder. His prenomen is also incised in an oval in the centre of the girdle of his kilt.

The back pillar bears two columns of incised hieroglyphs giving the king’s names with epithets. Fragments of the king’s name and titles remain on the right and left sides of the base. At the top of the base there are the remains of inscriptions on the right and left sides. The front part of the statue including the front of the base, knees and hands of the figure are lost and have been restored in recent times with a ‘nw’-bowl in each hand. The rear of the base and the bottom of the back pillar have also been lost and recently restored. The nose and uraeus of the figure have been damaged. The surviving portion of the back pillar is worn in places. There are no traces of colour.

Height: 128.5 centimetres

Width: 50 centimetres

Depth: 32 centimetres

Weight: 70 kilograms


New Kingdom. 20Dyn. 1156-1150 BC.

British Museum London.

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